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About Our Boutiques Integration

We are collaborated with various boutiques from Indian origin. The boutiques we collaborate with are very rich in designing the Indian traditional wear for women, men, kids and accessories.

South Indian Boutique is started to provide the services to the boutiques of the Indian origin who designs the traditional wear for women, men, kids and accessories to best suits their needs for special occasions, events etc. The main focus of the South Indian Boutique is that we showcase all our boutiques products as a front face and allow them to publish the products in our website.

As a business we contact the best boutiques to maintain their products in our website and market their products to the whole digital world. We will closely in touch with our boutiques to clarify any of their technical issues with using website.

South Indian Boutique believe that the products that boutiques upload to our website are purely their creation and there must not be any copy right issues further. If in case any such scenario arises where the product images are claimed by any other source then it is the individual boutique’s responsibility to clarify it and address it appropriately. If any complaint came through to South Indian Boutique team we ask the respective boutiques who used the copy right content to address it as early as possible otherwise the consequences can be claimed by the source party from the boutiques outside of South Indian Boutique space.

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About Shopping Our Products

South Indian Boutique will have the products from various boutiques. You can select the products from the particular boutiques through browsing the boutiques or using the product category filters. You can add the products to wish list and save them or you can enquire about the product. Once you raised product enquiry the boutique team will be in touch with you to get more requirement for the selected product.